domingo, mayo 08, 2011


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mansioningles y ego4U 
and these sites with flash templates

 By OUP English results (exercise) 

 BY University of Western Ontario 

By Juani T. Coronel 

By Diane Stonebrick:  


By The University of Sidney (microbiology exercise)

By (quiz)

By schoolnet
AND watch these VIDEOS 

This material is produced for free BY Smart Teaching Online .

A tutorial on when to use and how to build the passive; in English BY BildungInteraktiv  
informative video designed to teach you a grammar lesson BY adeboer1988

  garyd777 explains the active and passive voice with some pretty good examples 

Here is a quick explanation of the Passive voice and also an exercise to test your knowledge on this grammar point.BY DIANA
A Grammar Presentation: Active and Passive Voice BY  Howard Wang & Young Park A short lecture in SecondLife introducing passive voice in English Let's continue our study of the passive voice. BY JenniferESL